Whitman’s Poets to Come – Summary and Analysis

Leaves of Grass is a volume that holds the greatest philosophies and theories carefully impregnated into verses by Walt Whitman. He kept on adding poems to the ‘Leaves’ until it became a standard for many young poets to come.  Poets to Come is a part of the ‘Leaves’ and is […]

Deliverance by Premchand Summary | Sadgati

Munshi Premchand is the pen name of the famous Hindi-Urdu writer Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava. Considered as the emperor of Indian novelists, he has written more than twelve novels and hundreds of short stories.

Philip Larkin - At Grass Summary and Analysis

Philip Larkin – At Grass – Summary & Analysis

Philip Larkin is a simple minded poet who dealt with ordinary objects and penetrated the heart with his psychologically powerful use of words and imagery. However, a heavy dose of pessimism is found in the poems of Philip Larkin and At Grass is no exception.