How to Write an Article Review: Tips, Outline & Format

An article review demands in-depth knowledge and analytical skills. It reflects a well-structured presentation of strong argumentative points. This makes it important for students to ideate an outline for an article review. Also, one must follow the right format, expand their research avenues, and use credible references. 

Magic Realism – A modern fiction genre

The term magic realism is mainly used in narrative taking elements or resources from fable, gothic romance or folk tale. The narration is seemingly normal describing the everyday life of the protagonist; however, a sudden inclusion of mythical or fantastic elements comes into play.

Yoruba Theatre, Nigeria – A study

Drama and religion are inseparable in any country. Greek, Sanskrit and English dramas all have their origins or influences from religion, festivals and rituals. The same can be said of Yoruba theatre of Nigeria where the traditions of the country are reflected on the stage.

Babbon spider bit Tolkien

5 Interesting Facts about JRR Tolkien

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien or JRR Tolkien, born in South Africa and a legendary British writer is second to no one when it comes to creating mythical Universes and new languages. His writing would take the reader on a scintillating journey with vibrancy, wit and literary mirth.