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The world as we know it is a culmination of different ideas put together as a unified being by the many great souls who were immortalized by their works. Their existence has inspired many and their works have moved nations, We at Classical Arts Universe make efforts to present those with interest, a taste of those classical compilations that are deemed as classical arts. Our team is in a constant search for brilliance and ensure everything that needs to be said of a great artist/playwright/writer is said.

The goal of CAU is to reignite the passion for those great men who are embraced by the Earth and ensure the beacon is carried to another generation. Be it a symphony of Beethoven or a tragedy of Shakespeare or a painting from da Vinci, there is lot to learn and lots to interpret. However, for most it is the case of first encounters and we ensure such encounters are never forgotten. The information we provide comes at the cost of our passion and research, which will hopefully help someone to grow into a stalwart similar to those lived in the bygone era.

We welcome everyone with the heart to absorb the energy of those demigods. Contact us to give out your ideas or suggesting any modifications at [email protected].

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  2. Word count: 500-1000+
  3. Topics: Anything related to literature, grammatical instructions, education, teaching, University reviews and Original pieces of Sonnets, essays and poems with explanation.
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The article or literary pieces should not be published elsewhere without our consent. You can contact us for removal of content and we will gladly do so as it means something great is about to happen with your content.

Do remember that if the content needs modification, our team of editors will change it as needed. Thank you for considering CAU to contribute your content; once the ideas to guest post  are submitted, we will get back to you in a week or less.

We are eager to see of the contributions made by you.

Send in the guest post related queries here: [email protected].

Note: CAU understands that Classical Arts is all about the contribution of the Greeks and Romans to the world or arts. But we have a different notion about Classical Arts and everything that has the touch of class and stand the test of time is a "Classic" for us. Further, there are many people who do not consider Literature as an art and this is something CAU protests. A good literary piece is like a perfectly crafted sculpture and we believe that without an artistic fervor a writer or a poet cannot produce literature. So, whether the reader is in the opinion that we are not doing justice to the name of the website, please consider that in the world of arts one can interpret an issue or an object in numerous ways. This is our way of looking at Classical arts and we in any way don't want to hide our ideology. Thank you.

We are bringing you PDF versions of the content present in the website. Guest Posts are not available in PDF format as they are not ours to distribute. Our readers can download the files and put to use without having to face the hassles of copying, pasting in document and converting it to readable file.

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