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5 Interesting Facts about JRR Tolkien

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien or JRR Tolkien, born in South Africa and a legendary British writer is second to no one when it comes to creating mythical Universes and new languages. His writing would take the reader on a scintillating journey with vibrancy, wit and literary mirth.

Robert Browning poems

The best of Robert Browning poems – Victorian poet

Robert Browning is a masterful poet of the Victorian era with reputed greatness at producing dramatic monologues. His father maintained a huge collection of books and mother was a pianist, making it possible

Johann Sebastian Bach Interesting facts

J. S. Bach, known as the “Homer of Music” is a masterful composer belonging to the Baroque period. He was born in the same year as George Frideric Handel, another classical composer of the age.

Ludwig van Beethoven – Interesting facts about the composer

Ludwig van Beethoven is an ingenious German composer who uplifted the levels of composing music through his charming works. He is most notable for works like Symphony 9, Symphony 5, moonlight sonata, etc. that are revolutionary compositions till date.