Ajax Summary

Sophocles – Ajax – Summary and Analysis

Sophocles – The Tragic Homer is one of the great playwrights the Greek civilization has ever witnessed. He is famous for his trio of plays called as the Oedipus cycle. The play Ajax is considered a remarkable piece of tragedy

Beauty by Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire – Beauty Analysis – The Flowers of Evil

Charles Baudelaire, the French poet, was always fascinated with the themes of death, rebellion, sex and the like. In his book The Flowers of Evil, published in 1857, there are many such references and the society was taken aback by the word play of Baudelaire.

Robert Browning – My Last Duchess – Summary & Analysis

My Last Duchess is ‘the’ most famous dramatic monologue of Robert Browning. The poem was published in the year 1842 in the third series of Bells and Pomegranate. The particular series was called as Dramatic Lyrics. It was the first time the world witnessed this poem

George Orwell – Animal Farm Summary and Analysis

Eric Blair, well-known with his pen name George Orwell, was a strong believer of democratic socialism. He fought in wars and witnessed the cruelties of the dictatorship. Being an essayist and novelist his political viewpoints came forth in the form of Animal Farm.

Myth of Narcissus as in Metamorphoses of Ovid

The much famed Narcissism and its philosophy of self-admiration came from the myth of Narcissus. Now, there are many sources that give out the myth in different versions. Some are bolder, some are more ‘un-fictional’, but the version of Ovid never hides itself in a cloak