Myth of Narcissus as in Metamorphoses of Ovid

The much famed Narcissism and its philosophy of self-admiration came from the myth of Narcissus. Now, there are many sources that give out the myth in different versions. Some are bolder, some are more ‘un-fictional’, but the version of Ovid never hides itself in a cloak

The Flea by John Donne – Analysis

John Donne, a master of wit uses unusual metaphors to convey the love between a man and a woman. The Flea is amongst such an unusual love poem, where the poet uses a flea to reveal his sexual interest with his lover.

Robert Graves: In Broken Images Analysis & Summary

Robert Graves (Robert von Ranke Graves) was an expert translator with many translations of Greek and Latin texts. However, he considered himself as a poet and is a conventional poet of the age who was not influenced by the poetic charisma of T.S. Eliot.

John Donne’s Jealousy summary and analysis

John Donne was a master in depicting love and the ramifications concerned to that emotion. It is quite fascinating as he was a minister of a Church and pious people are forbidden to deal with such emotions.