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Ancient Greece

The Most Significant [Top 10] Writers of Ancient Greece

Western civilization was born out of Ancient Greece. This statement and fact are well-known almost for all of us. The central role of culture and progress drove from Greece to the rest of the world played writers and philosophers.

turmeric - essay on indian civilization

Turmeric – An Essay on current Indian Progress

Turmeric: God wouldn’t have supposed men would go astray so much and so far. This life as we live is not in any means understandable, we are trying to get back into the pupa whence we came from.

Learning Cubism through the works of Pablo Picasso

Nowadays people become more and more interested in dissertation writing, essays’ writing and other things that are not connected with art. Who knows about the Renaissance architecture or the poets of Florence? It is sad, but almost nobody cares. People have become more pragmatic and less rational/idealistic.

The Ideal Woman in the England of Jane Austen

Humanity is incomplete without women, who are important and strong. They are strong enough to cope with tasks such as housekeeping, nurturing children, run their own business and yet find the time to take care of other aspects of life successfully.

7 steps for kids to successfully write a story

Children love hearing stories, but when it comes to writing one as a part of an assignment they falter. Of course, one can understand that the writing skills of children cannot equal to that of a professional writer. However, through story writing the skill level can be enhanced

20 most influential Classic books or must read books in the world

Some books belong to a separate class and they require no introduction or promotion. They have survived through the ages and they will inspire mankind until dooms day. These classic books or must read books are Universal accounts of human nature, portrayed through the characters;