The Reality of Fictional Elements | Universal Truth & others

The Reality of Fictional Elements – Universal Truth and others


The Universe and understanding it has been and will always be a quest unresolved for mankind for man is not destined to go beyond what is already existent; never will there be a Last Judgement nor a Redeemer- sin is only a fictional element and there are many others which follow; Those which I want to battle with and gain control, for man in his basic structure is nothing more than a conqueror of his own mind. I understand man as a rational being whose rationality arose out of the mythical pomp of Religion and its steered Reason. The rest are under these eloquent mercenaries; who rooted their beliefs through ethics as Universal Truths.

The foundations of ethics depend upon the codes of moral, which we derived, trying out the extremes of good and bad, above and below: and finding that equilibrium which consoles man’s place in society and its designs. These moral codes which are derived, like any other derivatives, from a human mind, as such it is true that the entire Universe is derived from our mind. To its likeness it is not a factor of equilibrium, but a matter of progression either to light or dark. To define these ethics there is no foolishness other than holding them true based on Universal Truths; which are though plain and simple can be quite contradictory in some occasion. An invention as fatal as a bomb can be inferred as a righteous object; with premises of contradictory nature yet of Universal acceptance.

A bomb explodes.

Human body can’t withstand the explosion.

Human is threatened by bomb.

Terrorists are humans.

A bomb explodes.

Terrorists are threatened by bomb.

In the first case, the explosion of bomb is considered as a notorious act, as it threatens humanity itself. In the second case, the malicious content (as taken by morality) that is threatening the society is in danger of getting terminated- which makes two negatives combine to become a positive- which is “good” for the society, but evil in the means of using an instrument of mass destruction. The role of the instrument, though having the same essence of truth, varies to extreme degrees by applying it in two varied scenarios.

Thus Universal Truths (Not all of them – “A cock cannot bark”) can be ruthlessly contradicted in terms of foundation of moral grounds which build the system of ethics. That hilarious example is sufficient to contradict the serious predictions of Universal Truths or the Universals. What then corresponds to the ethical development of a rational element?


I say, it is based on instinct, not which modern man has developed which has an adhesive quality and sticks only to detorsion, the only rationality which is a cohesive force between the partial and Infinite- the rest as we make up comes under ‘Reasoned Religion’, in other words ‘Sullied simplicity’ –for religion everyone is a simpleton, as it can complicate even a tiniest apple into a deadliest sin, which surges the mind whenever an ethical decision needs to be taken that involves moral discrepancy; this instinct drags the mind either to leave the ethical fort or to fortify it further.

Instinct, a fascination of itself, an involuntary impulse, this second voice of the self is developed based on the nurture it gets (to clarify its degrees , it can be developed in any self to the highest – either a crook or a saint can attain the same instinct – either to escape a forgery or to renounce desire). By nurture I simply do not mean the quality and quantity of food or lavish lifestyle, by nurture I mean the amount of psychological progress one attains, imbibes it to the mind and understands the mind; this irrevocable force when fed well with the requisite thoughts of derivatives, rather than focusing on those conditions which are only useful to increase ‘fear’ and its derivatives will make the mind lively with positivity unimaginable, as if it is living on pure energy without any scorn. The development of instinct is development of ethics.

Are Ethics Universal?

Ethics are individual, not Universal or even National; this subjective note is what is keeping (or what was meant to keep) the human world in equilibrium, as extremes either good or evil will appear dull, monotonous if experienced too much- as a result they will become myths for instance myths of the old became myths as they are too mythical. The instinctual development of morality (predominantly egoistic), the second voice, through nurture constitutes Ethics – as they should be.

Reason is what differentiates between animal and “humanimal”, this overgrown mutation has led civilization up to the point we know. Valid reason is long dead when religion interfered between mind, its functions and the Universal. For every work there is either a religious obstruction or support, thus formed sins and its collateral fears- Redemption is the greatest sin and the fear of Devil is the greatest ill, for either make man a weakling before religion.

‘Thou shalt not do this as God doth not will’.


The birth of religion is the death of reason. By reason I do not intend of the deviation which led to falsity, self-esteem and superior disposition of mankind, but that Reason devoid of all above is only existent as an actuality which lacks malignancy and thrives only for the harmony of the self and communion with the Natural order, which as I imply, is understanding the position of mankind in the vastness of the Constitutional Order; and performing his duty- not as a machine but as a responsiveness that arises from the primordial reason which again is constantly reminded by the instinct- The Last Judgement, often disregarded and not heard.

The misconception of Religious outbursts led man to become inconsistent in thoughts. If Religion is a petty crime, conversion from one to other is a rape of patriotism. Patriotism arises not from supporting every cause but correcting everywhere where there is need for stagnation of corruptible disposition.

I disdain Gandhi for supporting such outrageous crimes and making the state a more dreadful place. A leader of such density should have foreseen what would happen if the conversion as such leads to, it leads only to the destruction of patriotism and increases the feeling of globalization (which is not a crime to anyone now). Here the Tiger transmigrates into a lamb, only to be sacrificed at the altar of someone who died for the sins of someone whose names are not even known to those who are converted and are firm believers of the profitable firm. Patriotism is not much of a barrier anyway, men find many ways to corrupt themselves out of the natural system, there is no patriotism at all- only personal agenda.

A convert is a lizard on a room, he has a cube of deviations to snatch on to- if not roof there is always the floor. To look into Religions of the world is like peeping through a Kaleidoscope- different acquisitions, single instrument. A Nation’s Religion has no business with the other- it would be applauded or mocked but the divergence leads o inferiority of the self, this serves the same purpose as the indulgence of fear.

If a Hindu enters a Mosque he will be treated like a second grade citizen similar is the case when a Muslim enters a Temple, I am suggesting that it is inappropriate to show such nature towards people who don’t belong to their own Religion, it is fated to happen or Religion is designed such to show contempt towards other religion, hence no Religion is related to other Religion- it is against the fundamental upbringing of a person.

He will not be an asset to either of the communities if He migrates from one Religion to the other, a Christian can never be a Hindu hence He has no place in a Vedic community- He is too inferior to understand it, the same applies to a Hindu who thrives for a fruit in barren trees. ‘Know thyself’- What you are and what is your importance? (There is no importance at all.)

The Ethical odour is spread by Religion and secreted by its Reason- as they should not be. It is well executed in the form of Education. The condition of education is degraded to its very last level and is confused whether to illuminate or set norms.

(A teacher is devoid of religion, so I heard, a teacher I came across made God a supporter of a soap factory. How? This teacher once got to know about the manufacturers of a particular kind of soap who are linked with a kind of secret society which opposed the authority of her God. So, she approaches her church and asks God whether she could use that soap or to shift her choice and it seems God also uses the same brand and encouraged her usage of the same soap- The manufacturers would have been thrilled to know of God’s decision and would have profited more if they’ve know this incident- once again a great miracle, God proves His existence- Those who do not believe this, God will send Locusts to eat your flesh- repent.)

Culture and Education

Culture is an extension of Religion and education is a part of culture, this makes Religion an inherent part of education. There is no practicality shown towards objectivity, there arises need to study divine elements during a course but that should leave only a satisfactory mark but not lead to dilemma and should not lead one to question his own religion as he heard something said by someone from a book probably read by four thousand four hundred and forty four among the whole human race, which contains an absurd critical analysis about an incident which shows a mole in the entire body of virtues.

There is only education which defines a set of rules and is content with the fluency with which the subject matter came out from the mouth. It is a myth that education is destined to open the minds of the students, there is no such thing, it only binds them to a select boundary. Hence there cannot exist an Aristotle or a Da Vinci in modern days. (Equality in education or to say; reservation in education. I once heard of a man who bifurcated everything within his grasp and made orders to keep the bifurcations that way till the community is developed, he raped a nation’s space and disrespected its Holiness- in the end He fled to another Religion and shamefully his busts are found everywhere in the nation hailing him as the great mind of India.

The one who easily cleaved men according to their caste and provided them with enough encouragement so that they can develop, The great goats or the politicians understood the amount of political exploitation that can be done by this great constitution and never said a word against it- the worst thing even to participate in elections one needs to belong to a particular kind of caste and the electoral caste system is based on rules- that makes any man proud of his country).

Everything is done according to laws, laws of an evolved ape who bound himself with culture and hence cannot move freely from one nation to the other without restrictions, he had to invent something to procure a definite space for him, a demarcation to highlight his identity and this he called Boundary. This kind of reason arises due to prejudice more than rationality; this ‘believed rational reason’ is the foundation of mortal principles- here the construction collapsed and the ruins are painted to be called culture. Culture is an outburst of human emotions, a projection of viewpoints from various geographical sectors and the Gods they created are alike their desires (of an apt God). Hence there is no Universal Truth when it comes to God only hypothesis reaching out for supremacy in beliefs.

The Harmonizer

No human emotion is perfect; it is either preceded or followed by another emotion- pure emotion doesn’t exist; likewise no culture is perfect, so it leads to imperfection of Religion and Reason. Man is subordinate to the rest of living organisms as he is strayed from the wheel of Nature, which has one inevitable end- end of Nature. Man is everything except for what he has made himself from the fictional properties he developed from the great creation of Language. These fictional elements are existent in thought and absent in application- these we call Laws or Flaws? Dear me, I forgot. What can neither be exceeded nor questioned until it is changed? A Law, not universal but globally followed with infinite segments and deviations.

That which works so rigorously for a period of time will wear out and is thrown away, making way for a novel creation of an intelligent mind- there is neither consistency nor a will to standardize life- I haven’t seen a Pelicans or a Flamingos carrying a paper of acceptance when they visit from another country. Infiltration, separation, distinguishing, ethnicity, caste, state, country, continent and religion, nothing stops a bird-

“But birds can’t think of all these!”

‘Hence a bird does what a bird does.’

“So it makes it weak!”

‘So is its function to look weak but make the link strong.’

“Is there a link?”

‘For you, modern man, it doesn’t exist.’

“Goodbye then, speaking of birds I need one for dinner.”

Universal Truth - The reality of fictional elements

Man cannot get into his understanding, everything that forms the idea of Knowledge. Knowledge grows eternally but is not standard in every case; it sometimes conflicts with the previous propositions and reveals a higher stature of the thing or being unlike law which changes yet remains to have same purpose- to cultivate. Knowledge is random; hence it cannot be virtue (how to kill a fellow being without getting caught is also knowledge, its implementation or creation of thought leads to the dissolution of virtue.) Derived knowledge or wisdom leads only to righteousness of duty towards the whole of Nature- derived knowledge is virtue. It is not virtue but the application of virtue in duty is the most esteem condition of mankind; where he becomes one with everything – the Universal and realizes to the complete extent his establishment as a rational being- The Harmonizer.

Written by:

Teja Basireddy.

[The Reality of Fictional Elements -Universal Truth and others]