Poems in Pictures – Why was this style invented?

There are plenty of inspirational pictures online, but something completely new has appeared recently. Pictures with writings. What is it? Why can’t it be written as a text? Why is it determined as a style and what idea does it have? Let’s discuss the tendency and think about it a bit deeper. Note that the Japanese have a similar format called Haiku but this is different from poems in pictures which are extensive in topics and length.

To prevent stealing

Modern poets write their texts directly in a picture to prevent copy paste. Of course, there is an option to rewrite the composition and post it, but the risk is definitely lower. This is a simple copyright prevention measure. No one likes to write something and find it somewhere on the internet with another name below. Writers usually contact a publishing agency to protect the author rights, but if you are doing this as a hobby, then a picture format is kind of prevention.

To make it look good

Publishing houses have a design department who create a special and unique font, color scheme, headings, illustrations, and logic. When publishing a writing online, why not to represent it wisely? The poem itself may appear non attractive, but with a proper image, font, coloring, and form the author creates an online masterpiece. Poems in pictures are easier to read and more pleasant to observe. Poem structures add not only uniqueness but also charm.

poems in pictures

To stress the main idea

The main point which the author wants to share with his poem may be not obvious. They are usually veiling the main point to make the reader think. Sometimes this is too difficult for a reader to understand what the poem is about. For that reason, it is published together with a picture which explains the topic partially. Those who have never heard about custom writing service, know how hard it is to create a unique and meaningful content.

To distinguish different forms of poetry

Various forms have various lengths. It is sometimes interesting to play with a form and the font to achieve the best image. When reading a book, you observe an adequately adjusted text to a page. Adjusting a poem makes it not only sound but also look good. This is another art. By making it look good in a paper or picture you make the poem complete and save its visual form. Hence, poems in pictures have become distinguished and have merged with multiple forms of poetry.

To distinguish types of poems

The acrostic poem, where every first letter in a line makes another word, is visually pretty when written on a piece of paper or a picture. It helps a reader to recognize the word hidden inside and enjoy the beauty of language. There are plenty of other types which make no sense when typed as a simple New Times Roman text. Each type looks better when it looks like a picture.

To show the poem styles

Except for forms and types, there are also styles. They are oriented on online publications. For example, double spacing is a new trend in poems in pictures. There are also long texts and other trends which apply to modern authors. Poem analysis makes it easy to distinguish. Why do this and how these are the questions of personal preferences? You may also ignore the tendencies and scan handwriting. But the stiles exist and are used by modern writers.

Handwriting is the best option

There are plenty of modern means, tools, generators, equipment and other inventions for creating a good locking digital .jpeg or .img content. In spite of this nothing will grant the poetry examples with the uniqueness and charm reached by handwriting. A piece of paper, a pencil or a pen and a favorite notebook are eternal companions of every creative person. Sometimes making a photo of one of the pages and posting it on social media under poems in pictures is the best design decision.

Written byJeremy Raynolds.