Human Spirit or The Dumb Cult – An Essay


Long gone from my earthen soul a spirit which meant to heal others in pain; the spirit of social beings – the human spirit, that disappeared and drowned in the wicked thoughts of a species craving for more, always more.  No foot that steps on me, no foot I am carrying is having that instinct which spreads humanness around the world. My crust is already filled with the darkness of the world, my soul has turned black.

Though I have all the darkness, with my hard effort I have found a white spot which stands as a great honour to my existence. Of all the illness’ I bear, one has the curse of un-uttering-ness found, it is the dumb. They walk on me anxiously yet no word is uttered. They have a cult which makes me proud; their existence is as challenging as swimming through a whirlpool.

Yet they breathe as if they are doing it for the very purpose of life, to fulfil life with all the righteous [yet strange] beliefs. Everyone looks at them strangely as if they are an alien race. I have witnessed a remarkable humanness from these children.

human spirit


Once, this dumb community coming out of their University walked into a hall. Their signs were observed carefully [or curiously] by all the people who believed that these people can talk! Yes, they can talk through their soul. The dumb realized the importance of negligence and ignored the thoughts of others. They went on to display their language skills; all of a sudden, the hall went silent and everyone’s eyes were filled with human spirit.

The spirit I have not witnessed in them in generations. Everyone unknowingly became calm; the human spirit seemed to take over and somehow initiated a kind emotion in them. This kind warmth began to form as happiness, that adorable silent laughter of the heart. Silence remained till the dumb left the hall.

My hands wanted to join for the newly born spirit laboured by the dumb. The dumb cult have invoked a permanent memory and brought happiness to this earthen spirit ruminating the day when the “unspoken spirits have spoken”.


Written by: Karthik Namille, contributor to sahityalokam.