Dr. Phil McGraw – What to learn from his non-fiction books?

Our community holds authors in such superior honour that anyone who has written inseparable piece of literature will be recognized as cognizant, self-disciplined and special. A libretto can advise your job or life’s work next to making you more well-defined and sought-after an eye to your expertise – all very right things. But, if your unconstrained talents don’t count in literature regularly, it may be arduous for anyone to symbol commission and ways to establish the expertise into a friendly book. However, there are tricks that can make it easier to communicate literature to readers through non-fiction that some of the authors are using. I will take Dr. Phil McGraw and his money-fetching books as example to explain this route of communication.

It’s not in your hands

One should understand that sketching a non-fiction book based on common interest is not up to the individual. To say frankly, there aren’t many readers who want to buy a non-fiction book. People do not queue for Dr. Phil McGraw’s books because his writings are exciting, well-informed or for the love of the guy. They buy his books because he tends to shake the hornet’s nest to bring up subjects like losing relationships, family strengthening, salvaging a marriage, etc.

Where do you stand in this aspect, be it satire, essay or any form of writing?

The reader will only feel the message of writing if they are attracted to the all-inclusive message given in the book. Dr. Phil states that one should “get wrought up about your life”, which becomes the thriving balm of an idea. The message should un-tie the minds of others but should not create a pain through over thinking. If such is the case, the author himself or herself might feel it hard to read the text after completion of a page or chapter.

What people most want from an author’s dimension?

The big question is what people expect from the author and what knowledge should an author share! Are you a mortgage broker, but you determine most people come to you with questions regarding credit? Are your ancestors therapeutic practitioners and you are following their footsteps often thinking that patient’s are incapable of communicating with each other? Do you belong to a house of ill reputed painter who believes that customers are not good at selecting colors for their home? Such topics are creating a lot of interest in the readers of the modern era. It is as if the author bribes the reader to read the book by providing aspects that interest the reader.

Dr. Phil McGraw

Most writers lack this understanding and face a declivity. Readers make out about a tale of chore thinking “people should really have desideratum to a skill like this”. Readers are capable of knowing what an author has offered and how it can help them solve problems. The ides of weight control through his many books by Dr. Phil McGraw, talk about controlling the inner urges, deciphering power issues, exercises and other aspects interesting the reader immediately. Further, people were really interesting in his advice about specific foods to eat. As a result, Dr. Phil McGraw came up with books on weight control through various recipes in a cookbook. Sometimes the author finds ideas to the next book by asking the readers or understanding their expectations from the author. Having a survey or replying to fan letters is another idea that would reveal the interest of the reader.

Next comes the Title

Once an author understands the interest or expectations of the public then it is time to create a crystal crown by exhaling great shine into it. For an author, a crystal crown is the creation of title and subtitle. Most book readers tend to get attracted to a good title & subtitle; interestingly, that positive effect carries into the book making the reader believe that a book is good even though most people suggest that it is bad or average. Here are some of the titles from Dr. Phil McGraw with attractive title and subtitle:

Self Matters: Creating your life from the inside out
Real Life: Preparing for the 7 most challenging days of your life
The 20/20 Diet: Turn you weight loss vision into reality

As one can see from the titles that the subtitles are grabbers making the reader realize what to expect of a book; this leads to readers pick up the book from the rack with curiosity.

Keys, steps and plans

Dr. Phil McGraw uses “keys”, “steps” and “plans” to work with complex ideas and present them to the reader in the most desirable tone and at the same time ensuring most of the subject is given out. That is the key for a successful book. The steps of composing something involve the journey of the reader to discover something new almost every time along the way. The reader must seem to understand one step and at the same time show curiosity to read the next step of instructions or explanations. The author must plan the book in such a way that the knowledge is spread evenly and should show the skill of the writer, which Dr. Phil McGraw does very well if one can observe his titles.

Story Telling

Whether it is Bible or Quran or Bhagavad Gita, people feel interested by listening to the fascinating stories in them. Stories help present a subject as if someone else has lived it already; thereby enabling the reader to feel related to the situations and think that this has happened to others as well. On a personal note, authors can use their real life experiences by changing names of the characters and adding a bit of creativity. Dr. Phil McGraw has mastered the story telling feature in his writings.
Any author can remedy their mistakes by following these guidelines and learning the art from the writings of Dr. Phil McGraw. After realizing the ins and outs of non-fiction writing it becomes easy to discrete available material and present that which is pleasing to the reader and at the same injecting the message intended by the author.


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