Gustave Dore The Destruction of Leviathan

Gustave Doré – The Destruction of Leviathan – Analysis

Gustave Doré is a famous French artist known best for his wood engravings that are popular to this day. His works were so high of praise that he was commissioned to work on the history’s most famous epics like John Milton’s Paradise Lost

The Conversion of Saul

Michelangelo – The conversion of Saul [St. Paul] – analysis

Michelangelo Buonarroti, one of the masters belonging to the triumvirate of the High Renaissance period [other two being Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael Santi] is renowned for sculptures, paintings, poems and architecture. However, people give credit to his famous works like The Last Judgement,

Rubens & Goya – Saturn Devouring His Son

Saturn is a Roman mythological figure who has inspired several artists throughout the world. Apart from literature and writings, many artists took the story of Saturn to interpret visually through their works. Peter Paul Rubens and Francisco Goya are the finest examples

Pablo Picasso – Girl Before a Mirror Analysis

The painting – Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso is one of the masterpieces of Cubism movement. It was completed in the year 1932 and has been interpreted in many ways by the critics as well as art fanatics.

Salvador Dali – Metamorphosis of Narcissus Analysis

The world of Surrealism owes a great deal to the imaginative capabilities of Salvador Dali. He made the movement turn into a grandiose canvas with wonderful hues in them. His works like The Persistence of Memory, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, Swans reflecting Elephants, Invention of the Monsters, etc.