Robert Browning – My Last Duchess – Summary & Analysis

My Last Duchess is ‘the’ most famous dramatic monologue of Robert Browning. The poem was published in the year 1842 in the third series of Bells and Pomegranate. The particular series was called as Dramatic Lyrics. It was the first time the world witnessed this poem

George Orwell – Animal Farm Summary and Analysis

Eric Blair, well-known with his pen name George Orwell, was a strong believer of democratic socialism. He fought in wars and witnessed the cruelties of the dictatorship. Being an essayist and novelist his political viewpoints came forth in the form of Animal Farm.

Myth of Narcissus as in Metamorphoses of Ovid

The much famed Narcissism and its philosophy of self-admiration came from the myth of Narcissus. Now, there are many sources that give out the myth in different versions. Some are bolder, some are more ‘un-fictional’, but the version of Ovid never hides itself in a cloak

The Flea by John Donne – Analysis

John Donne, a master of wit uses unusual metaphors to convey the love between a man and a woman. The Flea is amongst such an unusual love poem, where the poet uses a flea to reveal his sexual interest with his lover.

Robert Graves: In Broken Images Analysis & Summary

Robert Graves (Robert von Ranke Graves) was an expert translator with many translations of Greek and Latin texts. However, he considered himself as a poet and is a conventional poet of the age who was not influenced by the poetic charisma of T.S. Eliot.

John Donne’s Jealousy summary and analysis

John Donne was a master in depicting love and the ramifications concerned to that emotion. It is quite fascinating as he was a minister of a Church and pious people are forbidden to deal with such emotions.