Learning Cubism through the works of Pablo Picasso

Nowadays people become more and more interested in dissertation writing, essays’ writing and other things that are not connected with art. Who knows about the Renaissance architecture or the poets of Florence? It is sad, but almost nobody cares. People have become more pragmatic and less rational/idealistic.

George Orwell – Animal Farm Summary and Analysis

Eric Blair, well-known with his pen name George Orwell, was a strong believer of democratic socialism. He fought in wars and witnessed the cruelties of the dictatorship. Being an essayist and novelist his political viewpoints came forth in the form of Animal Farm.

Rubens & Goya – Saturn Devouring His Son

Saturn is a Roman mythological figure who has inspired several artists throughout the world. Apart from literature and writings, many artists took the story of Saturn to interpret visually through their works. Peter Paul Rubens and Francisco Goya are the finest examples

Johann Sebastian Bach – Mass in B minor [BMV232]

Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most revered German composers of all time, composed more than three hundred works during his lifetime and more than two hundred survive to this date. He is well-known for works such as Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Goldberg Variations, Mass in B minor, […]

The Ideal Woman in the England of Jane Austen

Humanity is incomplete without women, who are important and strong. They are strong enough to cope with tasks such as housekeeping, nurturing children, run their own business and yet find the time to take care of other aspects of life successfully.